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Real Estate Solutions from Start to Finish

For Investors, Sellers and Buyers

What does this mean?

Investors: Our vast experience in knowing which properties make sound investments and which to avoid will help ensure you buy the right one. We will secure for your long term tenants, offer property management services for your convenience and to protect your investment for maximum profits when it's time to sell again. You only receive funds to your account and of course complete peace of mind. Perfect for busy or overseas investors who need trustworthy representation on deck.

Sellers: We will work hard and smart for you right from the start, to get your home sold. Minimal days on market with the highest sale price possible is our goal.

Buyers: We are equipped to adapt to any environment to ensure you write the winning offer. In today's extremely competitive market, you not only need Agents with great assertion, but also instinctive foresight which will often be the very thing to edge out the competition.

Why work with Steve and Sophia

Flexibility. We adapt quickly to changes, your needs and your wants.

Effectiveness. We apply the right strategies customized for your home sale or purchase.

Communication. We believe in transparency, setting the right expectations and clear communications. This is key for a successful partnership with you!

Results. Nothing matters more to us than delivering results to you. With this in mind, we don't stop working until the deal is done.

A built-in dream team to help you:




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